New ideas, new collaborations.

We believe that by bringing together leading creative professionals from the very different worlds of TV, film, gaming, web design, animation, mobile, theatre, art and science, to brainstorm and develop ideas together, we can create new collaborations that will become the digital media, products and services of tomorrow. As well as bridging the skills gap, Crossover adds a progressive, market-focused approach to hone and develop ideas and to prepare the participants to thrive in the converged media environment.

Crossover runs a wide range of training initiatives to not only inspire  but fill people with confidence, allowing them to understand interactive media and move into renewed creativity.


Crossover’s labs bring together creative practitioners from across the creative and technical disciplines to create and develop new ideas, projects and experiences over an intensive 4 days. We believe that collaboration is the key to creativity and bringing people together creates exciting and imaginative new opportunities. We’ve ran Labs for many years, bringing in expert mentors to work with Crossover’s staff to develop both people and their projects.


What better way to learn than just to get involved? Crossover hosts hack events to bring together creative people and create new projects in a condensed period. Ran in collaboration with platforms and software Crossover’s hacks are a fun and exciting way to work with new people and learn new skills.


We run one off training days and multi day workshops that are less intensive than our labs but will train you in Crossover’s key methodologies that will help you hone and develop your project in order to bring it to market and gain you an audience for your work.


We like to experiment with what we do and regularly host fun events that explore new territory. We’ve ran Pitch Training days and even collaborated with the British Library to tell the stories locked in their vaults through Twitter. Keep an eye on our blog to see what we’re getting up to.

Contact us if you would like us to run a Lab for you or if you would like to attend a lab you can check out upcoming events here.