Giving you the tools and processes to expand your production capacity.

Crossover works with independent developers to produce multiplatform projects, leaving you with a set of tools and processes that will expand your production capacity.

As soon as you create content that appears on more than one platform, you become the producer of an interactive experience. You have to take on the responsibility of understanding, reaching and growing your audience. This can leave producers feeling overwhelmed by choice and with no idea where to start. Do I need a game? How can I integrate social media? What does interactivity mean when applied to a film? Where do I source the skills necessary to do all this?

Crossover can help indies develop multiplatform ideas, leaving you with a tailored document that can be used at meetings and pitches to support the funding of the idea. Crucially, we don’t simply parachute in and leave you none the wiser: we will leave you with development skills that will allow you to work more effectively as multiplatform producers in the future.


We will work with you to:

-deliver fresh thinking about interactivity through user-centred design processes

-employ user-journeys as a development tool for evaluating the success of the interaction design and as a tool for expressing the concept to funders

-enable you to articulate the inherent value of your project by defining and demonstrating the audience demand

-work on the design, look, and feel of the project

-develop a multiplatform pitch document that takes into account calls to action and describes user flows across platforms

-ensure you know all the skills that will need to be deployed on a multiplatform production, when they need to be assigned, and their impact on the budget

-devise a finance plan to guide when and where to pitch the project and who to pitch it to

-create a project timeline, including planning when to launch the project and knowing how to bring it to a conclusion.

Crossover can assemble a crack team from among Europe’s leading interactive producers, each different specialties (games, interactivity, social platforms, mobile, design, storytelling) to develop the project and the production capacity of your company.

“Crossover offer incredibly useful tools to a new wave of development producers and execs. The methodologies and techniques they apply produce user-centric, cohesive multiplatform products and programs, and encourage fruitful creativity across disciplines “
Jo Roach, Multiplatfrom producer

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