Since 2007 we have been running highly successful conferences that facilitate the knowledge transfer across the creative industries.

Interactive at Sheffield

From 2009-2015 Crossover Labs presented the annual Interactive at Sheffield strand at Sheffield Doc/Fest which featured the day long Crossover Summit, a host of presentations and panels along with the Crossover Market, Interactive Exhibition and VR Arcade.

Crossover Summit
The day long event hosted speakers from across creative disciplines exploring new territory in production, content design, interactivity and distribution. The Crossover Summit informed and inspired creatives with speakers such as Gabo Arora, Robert Tercek, Kat Cizek and Steven Johnson having featured as keynote speakers over the years.

Crossover Market
The place for digital and interactive funders and mentors to meet the best new projects. As well as being able to pitch ideas to cross-platform commissioners and digital gurus, selected projects were offered a chance to meet with representatives from digital agencies, brands, third Sector representatives and other potential supporters from outside of the traditional film and TV industries.

Interactive Sessions and Presentations
Interactive at Sheffield also featured a series of sessions covering production, development, distribution and marketing across a wide range of technologies and platforms.

Interactive Exhibition
The Interactive Exhibition served as a showcase of the companies and technologies at the forefront of the interactive storytelling landscape across two gallery spaces. The programme included work on tablets, VR headsets, projections, games consoles, computers, phones and huge installation based work.

Click the below to explore what we’ve done at Sheffield Doc/Fest and watch some of our fantastic videos of sessions.

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We’ve also been honoured to host conferences around the world including TFI Interactive at Tribeca.

TFI Interactive 2012

Click here to see what we programmed for the first event of it’s kind at the Tribeca Film Festival 2012.

Convergence Catalyst 2011

Click here to learn more about the  high level conference that we delivered for business and media leaders in West Wales and the Valleys

Lithuania Digital Conference: Crossmedia ZEN 2011

A collaboration with the International Culture Programme Centre and the MEDIA Desk Lithuania. Click here to learn more about the event.

If you run a festival or have a cultural event that you feel would benefit from a cross-platform or digital discussion then we can help. We have contacts internationally and we can source the highest calibre of speakers for your event.