Crossover is an international training organisation and production company dedicated to developing the production of crossmedia content and exploring the creative and commercial challenges of developing digital media. Our process brings together creative professionals from diverse disciplines including film and TV production, animation, games, theatre, VR, AR and interactive design to form new interdisciplinary collaborations and generate ideas for projects.

We provide intensive labs and workshops year round, alongside industry conferences and bespoke consultancy. We are also responsible for curating a exhibitions at a range of international festivals.

Crossover has produced a series of ‘Music Archive Films’ ¬†which have seen theatrical release, as well as being broadcast internationally and performed with live musical accompaniment at festivals, galleries and a range of venues around the world.

Recently we have produced our first VR documentary ‘Easter Rising: Voice of a Rebel’ for the BBC, as well as a prototype for ‘RIOT’ a film that uses facial recognition technology to determine the narrative.