EyeMyth Mumbai

Crossover were out in Mumbai during August for EyeMyth: Future as Fiction. Exploring present and future cases of immersive storytelling and new media, Future As Fiction brings together pioneering artists, performers and experts at the forefront of these fields.


The festival traversed multiple locations in Mumbai to create, discover and engage with new elements in the digital space.


Crossover programmed a showcase of VR experiences as part of the exhibition which included Ink Stories’ intense interrogation experience Blindfold and Nonny de la Pena’s LGBTQ issues piece Out of Exile.


We also led the second installment of the Virtual Reality Storytellers Guild – a new community to shape the future of Indian VR content. Created in partnership with Nasscom, the Indian Centre for Immersive Media at ISDI and Quicksand, the Guild has an objective of catalysing Indian storytelling in VR by building professional communities for learning, sharing and entrepreneurship. The second edition was another resounding
success with the Guild now exploring international
partnerships to take its creators and content to
global Immersive Media showcases.

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