What To Watch On Your Cardboard Visr VR

June 8, 2015 9:01 am



So you have picked up your VISR VR from Sheffield Doc/Fest and now you must be itching to give it a try and experience some virtual reality.
There’s tons of content around for these viewers already, but below are some that we particularly recommend.

War of Words: VR
Put yourself in no mans land in 1916 and immerse yourself in Seigfried Sassoon’s controversial poem The Kiss. Created by BDH in collaboration with BBC Arts, War of Words takes you into the brutal world of WW1.
(Android Only)

VRSE is a production company which supports leading innovators working in virtual reality, with two of their projects featured at Doc/Fest 2015. The VRSE app allows you to access all of their projects from one place. Take a tour of a Syrian refugee camp in Clouds of Sidra, go up in a helicopter to view artist JR’s New York work in Walking New York, be taken on a terrifying tour of an asylum in Catatonic, and lose yourself in the stunning Evolution of VRSE.
(iOS and Android)

Jaunt VR
Jaunt VR are developing the most comprehensive toolkit for creating cinematic VR. You can download experiences which take you rock climbing in The North Face: Climb, put you in between giant battling monsters in Kaiju Fury!, experience the first VR comedy with Other Space and even join Sir Paul McCartney on stage during a live performance.
(iOS and Android)


More to follow soon…



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