Oculus Rift Crossover Hack


Oculus Rift Crossover Hack
FACT, Liverpool
18th-19th October (9:30-17:00)

 Storyteller (CLOSED)/ Developer/ Artist (CLOSED)
(please select your specific team role)

Crossover Labs is excited to be hosting the 2-day Oculus Rift Crossover Hack at FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) in Liverpool on the weekend of October 18th and 19th, supported by Creative Skillset, Oculus VR, FACT, Sheffield Doc/Fest and BBC North.

The hack will bring together filmmakers, artists and Unity developers to collaborate and build original factual stories for the Oculus Rift VR headset. We’re looking for 8 creative people from each background to come together over the weekend to collaborate and create new pieces.

The event will be led by Oscar Raby (creator of Oculus Rift documentary Assent and winner of the Interactive Audience Award at Sheffield Doc/Fest) and Crossover’s team of specialist mentors along with Matt Ratcliffe from the brilliant Masters of Pie studio. The first day will see you learning the skills you’ll need to create a story for Oculus Rift, finishing with commencement of building your project before its completion on the second day.

This hack is an excellent opportunity to get hands-on experience of developing content for a platform that is revolutionising the media landscape. With Oculus VR’s acquisition by Facebook and other major hardware manufacturers moving in to the space, VR offers storytellers, developers and artists a whole new platform with which to work. Major content makers from film, television and games are beginning to work with Oculus Rift and having the skills and understanding to create work for VR will put you at the forefront of a new, developing and potentially lucrative market.

Spaces for the hack are limited to 8 per team role so don’t hesitate to register for this fantastic opportunity to work with cutting-edge technology, learn essential skills and collaborate across disciplines to create new projects.

This scheme is supported by Creative Skillset’s Film Skills Fund, which is funded by the BFI with National Lottery funds, through the Skills Investment Funds.

Who Should Attend

We’re looking for visual storytellers, ideally filmmakers, to join with artists from any creative discipline and software programmers.


With VR as the coming force in media platforms it’s vital that the UK film industry has storytellers and filmmakers versed in creating stories that can exist in a 360 immersive world. We want 8 filmmakers to join us to learn how to craft a narrative for VR and utilize the strengths of this new platform.

To ensure the lab has the highest quality output there is an application process for storytellers. The deadline to apply is Monday 13th October and if you are successful you’ll be asked to pay the application fee.


Any artist creating work that could be used to create a story-world is who we’re looking for. Be it photographers, illustrators, graphic designers, abstract painters; whatever your style, we’re interested. We look forward to experiencing immersive worlds of Russian constructivism or comic book fantasy equally. Artists will need to bring their tools (cameras, tablets, laptops etc) with which to work and create content for the projects.


The underlying driving force behind Oculus Rift content is its software engine and the developers powering it. Although Oscar will provide a basic framework with which to build on we need developers to reengineer it to tell new stories. You’ll be required to bring your computer with you.

Everyone needs to bring a phone (Android or iOS) with gyroscope and wi-fi connectivity.


Day 1 18th October (10am-5pm)
-What is VR? – a background to VR and the current state of the platform
-Virtual Cameras – learn how to control a virtual camera in real time using your phone
-Crossover cross-discipline collaboration – working with other disciplines
-New Media for story content – developing the language and mechanics of VR
-Workflow of Assent – a case study of how Assent was built
-Designing your project – craft out a story and mechanics for the format

Day2 19th October (10am-5pm)
-Build your story

Lunch will be provided on both days.

Creating the Story

Oscar will be providing the software wireframe of Assent to work with as a basis so projects won’t need to be built from the ground up. Storytellers will craft the narrative as the designers create the visuals for the story-world to be imported in to the project, and the programmers will take the build of Assent and manipulate it to tell the story.

There will be body-scanning hardware available for you to put characters in to your story and a sound designer on hand to record atmos and dialogue. A one-month free trial of Unity can be downloaded to use on the hack and we’ll provide the Oculus Rift DK2 for you to use.

Oscar and a team of mentors will be at the hack to help guide you through the process and offer advice for crafting narratives and story-worlds along with assisting you with the use of Unity.


You can apply solo and you’ll be put in to a team or if you’d like to work in a team with people you know please sign up individually and email tom@sidf.co.uk to state your team preference.

We are looking for 8 people from each discipline and each has a different application form. Please select the correct application form for your role on the team.

Registration costs £50+VAT, which includes both days and lunch on the hack.

REGISTER NOW – Storyteller (CLOSED)Developer /Artist (CLOSED)

About the Team

Oscar Raby

Oscar Raby is a multimedia artist looking into the contemporary and future ways of storytelling. His experience working in multimedia projects at the Memory and Human Rights Museum in Chile as well as the National Gallery of Victoria in Australia has allowed him to explore how history is built and reconstructed by the curated narrative of institutions. His deepest interest lies in finding how New Media can rearrange that narrative by facilitating the interaction between audience and artefacts. In 2013 he completed a Masters degree in Animation and Interactive Media at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology focusing his research on Portraiture in New Media. Within this framework he produced the immersive documentary Assent, work that has been awarded and included in New Media festivals and exhibitions in Australia, Canada, Mexico, USA and the UK.

Crossover Labs

Crossover is an international training organization dedicated to developing the production of crossmedia content and exploring the creative and commercial challenges of developing digital media. Our process brings together creative professionals from diverse disciplines including film and TV production, animation, games, theatre and interactive design to form new interdisciplinary collaborations and generate ideas for projects. We provide intensive labs and workshops year round, alongside industry conferences and bespoke consultancy. We are also responsible for curating the ‘Interactive At Sheffield’ programme each year at Sheffield Doc/Fest.

FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology)

FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) is the UK’s leading media arts centre, based in Liverpool and is focused on bringing people, art and technology together. FACT’s award-winning building houses three galleries, a café, bar and four cinema screens. Since the organisation was founded in 1988 (previously called Moviola), it has commissioned and presented over 250 new media and digital artworks from artists including Pipilotti Rist, Nam June Paik, Bill Viola, Apichatpong Weerasethakul and Isaac Julien.

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