New Pins on the Crossover Pinterest!

September 4, 2014 5:33 pm


It’s got pretty serious on the Crossover Labs Pinterest with interactive documentaries about both World War 1 and Isis featuring.

In their coverage of the 100-year anniversary of World War 1 the BBC produced this interactive project where you take the place of a young soldier sent in to battle.  Based on real accounts, the project takes you through the Somme, highlighting the horrors of the first Great War. Becoming an active agent within the narrative makes the story hit home in this innovate and exciting way of detailing the events of WW1.

The BBC are again utilizing interactivity to tell the story of a war albeit with a reduced focus on a human narrative but no less shocking. The Rise of Islamic State takes you from 200 through to modern day showing news footage and statistics from major events through the Iraq invasion, Syrian uprising and now the growth of Isis. It’s a great way of showing a long running and complex conflict in a digestible and modern way.

There’s a bunch of other exciting projects over on the Pinterest so go check it out!

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