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January 21, 2014 4:28 pm

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Looking to collaborate with fellow creators and devise new projects?

The Crossover Scotland Creative Lab is a residential workshop lead by industry experts for creative practitioners to explore the possibilities of collaborating across disciplines and develop an understanding of producing content across platforms.

25th – 28th March 2014
(arrival Monday 24th March)
Malmaison, Edinburgh
£125 +VAT


Contact ben@sidf.co.uk for more details

Who’s it for?
The Crossover Scotland Creative Lab is for anyone working in a creative field interested in making new collaborative interactive work across media platforms.

Crossover Labs are designed to take creative people out of their comfort zone and promote working with others to create amazing products. Bring three filmmakers together and you’ll probably end up with a film. What happens though when you bring together a filmmaker, an installation artist and a dance choreographer? Crossover Labs bring together likeminded talented people from across the media and arts landscape to work together and develop.

Participants will leave the lab with a tangible understanding of how to work in different disciplines and utilise the digital landscape effectively to develop exciting projects. You’ll also depart with greater knowledge of a host of fields and a considerably increased range of contacts from across the creative disciplines.

Programme Overview

The Creative Lab will engage participants with a range of issues facing the development of work across platforms to demystify the process of working in different disciplines.

The lab will combine a range of methodologies to facilitate idea generation, cooperation and project development.

-Expert Mentors

Expert mentors from across the creative spectrum will be involved throughout the process to guide, advise and set challenges.

Mentors will come from film, videogames, tv, tech, online, theatre, science, visual arts and children’s products to cover a broad range of creative disciplines. All of the mentors have a proven track record in their fields and have had great success in collaborating across disciplines or navigating the transition between fields.

The first confirmed mentors are:

Marianne Maxwell

Marianne is a producer at the National Theatre of Scotland and is exploring and developing how the company continues to digitise live experiences; crowd source content and build online audiences. Marianne also produced the company’s major production Let the Right One In.

Philip Larkin

He has created stories for Hollyoaks, had his work performed in Glasgow’s famous Oran Mor theatre and has worked in comedy development as a script consultant for sitcoms. He is presently working on two of his own creations, a comedy-drama entitled Dead Ben with collaborator Michael Richardson, as well as his sitcom, Boys and Girls. In addition to this, Philip is working on a single play for BBC Radio 4. He also makes very funny Vines.

Mel Woods

Mel Woods’ practice led research in Art and Design has developed interfaces and explored interaction between people to foster creativity and affect. Throughout her academic career she has published nationally and internationally, created digital artefacts and exhibits. Mel recently won the Imperica Prize 2013 for Installation using data from the British Library ‘Booksight’ at British Computer Society, EVA Conference 2013.

Jonathan Charles

Jonathan Charles is a filmmaker who has worked in commercial and education settings; mixing up live action, traditional animation and CGI to create cutting edge, cross art-form work. His company Hippotrix is a new app development company creating products with compelling design, beautiful animation and delightful interactions, that stimulate learning and self-expression through exploratory play.

Colin MacDonald

Colin MacDonald is Channel 4’s main point of contact for gaming companies and is  responsible for commissioning games that complement TV shows and projects that have the potential to cross over to TV. MacDonald is a respected and pioneering figure in the gaming industry and has worked on some of the most innovative titles of all time including Lemmings, Grand Theft Auto and Crackdown.

-Creative Challenges

A range of creative tasks will be set throughout the project inspired by the mentors experiences covering a range of challenges faced in working and collaborating in unfamiliar or brand new territory.

Tasks will engage you in fresh thinking about the process of production in different fields whilst bring new ideas to your own creative processes and implement tools for evaluating projects in pre and post production stages. You’ll also be challenged to define audience demand and guided in how to communicate ideas for projects that don’t fit traditional definition.

-Project Teams

For each challenge you’ll be arranged in to different project teams to develop creative responses to challenges. Project groups will be arranged to offer each participant the opportunity to work with every other participant to facilitate knowledge exchange and a varied range of outputs to challenges.

By tackling challenges with creative practitioners from a wide range of backgrounds you’ll discover where your own skills can be used to collaborate across disciplines and where you could fit should you wish to explore working in another field.


Pitching takes an integral place in the programme following a pattern of inspiration – brainstorm – development – pitch in the constantly changing interdisciplinary groups.

Culminating creative tasks in pitches will both force participants to hone ideas and train you in how to pitch different types of products clearly and succinctly.

The course will cover a range of modules over the 4 days including:

-How Audiences Behave
Develop an inherent understanding how people access media, which platforms they use, when and why and explore the relationship between consumers and content.
Participants map their own use of digital media and the current media ecology evaluating barriers, opportunities and new business models.
-Idea Generation
Take part in detailed case studies of successful interactive concepts which provide a stimulus for idea generation, teach brainstorming and introduce development tools.
-Selection, collaboration, development
Day Three onwards, participants form cross-disciplinary teams and new collaborations and proto-production ‘joint ventures’ form around new projects.

What you get

The cost of the lab covers accommodation and meals for the 4 days of the lab and all materials required will be provided.

How to apply?

The lab is for 21 participants and applications are open now. Applications are subject to review and do not guarantee a place on the lab.

Click here to complete the registration form. Once complete you’ll be asked to pay a non-refundable £25 deposit for the lab and if your application is successful upon review you’ll be asked to pay the extra £100.

If we offer you a place on the lab and you decline the offer we will not refund the deposit. If you are unsuccessful however we will refund your deposit.

Please contact ben@sidf.co.uk if you have any qurstions

Crossover Scotland is supported by Creative Scotland and Creative Skillset’s TV Skills Fund and produced by Crossover Labs, Faction North and Sheffield Doc/Fest.


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